Expense Reimbursement Procedure

  • Medical and professional expenses are reimbursed four times per year at the end of each quarter.
  • Corporate expenses such as candidate dinners can be submitted any time.
  • Please submit only one form for medical expenses (MERP), professional expenses (PERP), and corporate expenses (CORP) if you have any CORP.
  • The CME travel form should be filled out but submitted as part of the PERP form with the sum of any CME travel event shown on one line of the PERP spreadsheet.
  • The forms should be submitted so that they are easy to verify as eligible for reimbursement, i.e. able to pass an audit.
  • Please use the MERP, PERP, CORP, and CME Travel Excel spreadsheet forms as linked below.
  • Follow the instructions below for filling out the spreadsheets.
  • Email the completed spreadsheets to the treasurer and accountant.
  • If there is confidential information, use OhioHealth email with (z) at the end of the message subject to send an encrypted email.

instructions for completing expense forms

  1. Use only the attached Excel templates for MERP, PERP, CME travel and corporate expenses.
  2. The order of attached receipts is the same as the order listed on the spreadsheet.
  3. Expenses that are self explanatory include medical for you or a dependent, journals, books, voice and data plan identified as for your specific cell phone and internet for your home.
  4. Others should be explained, such as a home computer or some software or office supplies, but you must state that they are used for business, which can be written on the spreadsheet.  
  5. The total amount from the CME travel report should be recorded as the last line item in the PERP report spreadsheet, and the CME travel report and receipts should be attached at the end of the PERP report
  6. For Cellphones (also used instead of pagers), please submit the page with total charges for your personal line AND the page with charges for your call/data plan. If your bill does not separate out specific proportion of your line from a shared plan, then you can request the cost of the full plan.
  7. If you like to use the pdf version of your bill, please remove the details of calls and that kind of information for privacy reasons.
  8. When you submit the proof of Payment or receipt from a credit card statement, please print only the transaction that you are requesting reimbursement for. If your card does not allow you to print individual transaction, then please White or Black out other transactions for privacy reasons.
  9. CME travel requests should be a part of PERP and not separate request.
  10. Print, sign and date the spreadsheet and scan the spreadsheet followed by the receipts into a single PDF file.
  11. Scanning is easy:  Instructions are posted over the Riverside copier, or use Grant or Dublin printers.  Send the Scanned PDF to your ScannedDocuments file on your F drive.  
  12. From F drive, rename the file as follows:  yourinitials201xQxMERP (or PERP) (or CORP).    This will make them easy to track and sort.  
  13. Mine would be named MDB2014Q1MERP, MDB2014Q1PERP, MDB2014Q1CORP
  14. Email the files to me with (z) in the email title for encryption.  Files will reside only on your or my F drive and will be encrypted when sent to the accountant.
  15. If a file needs to be changed, I'll return it to you with an explanation.

expense forms