Central Ohio Regional Pathology

CORPath is the largest private practice of hospital-based pathologists in central Ohio.  The company started as two independent groups in the 1970s serving Riverside Methodist Hospital and Grant Medical Center.  In mid 1990s, CORPath, LLC was created to establish a central pathology services contract with OhioHealth, the parent corporation managing the hospitals.  Subsequently, the two practices were merged under CORPath. 


Currently, we are a group of about twenty pathologists serving six hospitals and several free-standing emergency rooms in Columbus and surrounding cities. We serve as medical directors of clinical laboratories in these hospitals covering all clinical pathology subspecialties.  In anatomic pathology, we provide subspecialty services in multiple areas in addition to cytopathology, with a volume of over 60,000 surgical cases and over 75,000 Pap smears.  We also participate in over 30 multidisciplinary conferences and numerous committees at these hospitals each month.